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9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Co. B
The 9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, Co. B is an American Civil War Reenacting unit based in Central Illinois.  Our primary focus is Federal (Union) Cavalry, but when
scenarios or events have a need we are able to pursue other era impressions as well. The 9th is a family and youth oriented unit.  Ages 14 and up are able to
participate in battlefield exercises and 13 and younger may participate in off field activities.   We teach responsibility, respect, teamwork, leadership, and confidence.  
We require our youth members to hold a certain grade average in school to be able to participate.    Our aim is to provide a safe, positive environment for youth, and
adults alike to participate in fun active events while learning about our nation’s past. We set our standards high and pride ourselves on being the best drilled and
maintained reenacting unit in the Midwest. Our unit currently boasts over 50 members on its rosters and approximately 75% the members are youth.


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For More Information, or to sponsor or donate to the 9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, Co. B, please contact:
Alex Timmerman
To make a general donation which goes towards the purchase of gear,
or funds transportation of our youth, please click the link below.